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Breastfeeding Support for moms, by moms -- no matter what your breastfeeding goals

  • Membership is moderated, but we will approve new members ASAP. You must be a member to post.

  • Please leave your posts *unlocked*, as the idea behind this community would be to provide support and information to anyone who needs it. The more people who can read and be helped, the better!

  • This is a family-friendly community. Please keep in mind that there may be babes-in-arms or toddlers/older kids near the computer as our other members are reading along. Use your best judgement when posting, of course! (Inappropriate content should be reported and will be edited/deleted!)

  • This is not a place of judgement, snark or drama. We are all moms trying to do the best we can for our babies. We share the common bond of trying to give our babies breastmilk, whether it's exclusive or with supplementation, whether it's for three months, a year, three years. We are about anecdotal support as well as providing good, evidence- and fact-based information.